24 hour loan pre-approval

Are you buying a new home?
Building a home?
Remodeling or refinancing your existing home?

See us FIRST! Come to Citizens State Bank for all of your mortgage financing needs! We've been helping people say 'Welcome Home' for over 100 years.

Why Citizens State Bank?

Customer Focus: We are a part of your community and want to work with you to build a long lasting relationship. What better way to build that relationship than focusing on you and your needs? We have several mortgage programs that enable us to find the best fit for your financial situation. We will take the time to listen to you.

Integrity: For us this is non-negotiable. If we can help you, GREAT; if we can't, we will be upfront and honest. There is more to financing your home than an attractive rate. You need to work with people whom you can trust. This may be the biggest investment of your life. Your interest is in our best interest.

Agility: The housing market is just one aspect of the ever-changing economic world in which we are currently living. As lenders, it is imperative that we recognize these changes. What better way to know about how your community changes than from your community banker? We are familiar with the market in which we live and work. We work hard to understand the ever-changing market and new government regulations. We take the time to work through them to offer the best products available to us.

Team Focus: We are a team at Citizens State Bank. We depend on each other for help. If one of us doesn't know the answer, we go to our co-workers to get the answer. We are more than just mortgage lenders. We are Relationship Managers. We work together so you not only have one of us to count on; you have all of us to count on.

These four reasons are our core values at Citizens State Bank. We value your business and look forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. The best referral we can get will come from you!

Meet Our Relationship Manager Team

Steve Miller Megan Holcomb

Steve Miller
NMLS #452650
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email Steve

Megan Holcomb
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email Megan

Elizabeth King Jamie Van Pelt

Elizabeth King
NMLS #1334848
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email Elizabeth

Jamie Van Pelt
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email Jamie

Now that you are ready to work with us what's next?

  • Contact any of our Relationship Manager team members to set an appointment

  • Bring the following items with you to your appointment
    • copies of your paystubs for the last 30 days
    • tax statements for the last 2 years if you are self-employed or are a commission-based employee
    • bank statements and investment statements other than Citizens State Bank

  • Congratulations! You have just moved one step closer to the mortgage you are looking for!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification?

The pre-approval process is much more complete than pre-qualification. For pre-qualification, the loan officer asks you a few questions and provides you with a pre-qual letter. Pre-approval includes all the steps of a full approval, except for the appraisal and title search. Pre-approval can put you in a better negotiating position, much like a cash buyer.

Click here for more information on our 24 hour Home Loan Pre-Approval program.

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When does it make sense to refinance?

Usually people refinance to save money, either by obtaining a lower interest rate or by reducing the term of the loan. Refinancing is also a way to convert an adjustable loan to a fixed loan or to consolidate debts. The decision to refinance can be difficult, since there are several reasons to refinance. However, if you are looking to save money, try this calculation:

1. Calculate the total cost of the refinance
2. Calculate the monthly savings
3. Divide the total cost of the refinance (#1) by the monthly savings (#2). This is the "break even" time. If you own the house longer than this, you will save money by refinancing.

Since refinancing is a complex topic, consult a mortgage professional.

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What is a rate lock?

A rate lock is a contractual agreement between the lender and buyer. There are four components to a rate lock: loan program, interest rate, points, and the length of the lock.

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What are points?

It is an upfront cash payment expressed as a percent of the loan amount; e.g., "2 points" means a charge equal to 2% of the loan balance. Often points are paid to “buy down” an interest rate to a lower percentage.

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