Mobile Banking

Banking is now in your hands from anywhere at anytime. Download the Citizens State Bank Mobile Banking app and you’ll have access to your accounts right from your smart phone or other mobile device.

Mobile Banking lets you:

  • View checking, savings and loan accounts
  • Check account balances, transaction history and personal alerts
  • Transfer funds
  • Set up Payees
  • Pay a Person
  • Make bill payments
  • Make mobile deposits

Get Started Today

Don’t have an Online Banking account? Enroll here .

Once you have your Online Banking account set up, download our free App from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. You will find it by searching for “CSB Hudson.”

Once you have the App downloaded, log in using your Online Banking Credentials and follow the prompts. You will be on your way to having your accounts available at your finger tips!

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Have a mobile device that is not an Apple or Android product? 

You can access Online Banking by using the following link from your mobile device: 


Paying a Person Payments

  • Using your CSB App
  • Select the "Pay Bills" option
  • Choose "Payees"
  • Add the person you want to pay (the plus sign will get you to where you need to be)
  • Select payee type - Person
  • Select payment method - email
  • Set up the Payee - you will choose a keyword to share with the person you are paying
    • You will only need to set this Payee up once and share the keyword the first time sending a payment
  • Choose to do a "New Payment" to the Payee you set up 
  • Once submitted you will receive an email or text (depending on your setting) confirming payment was sent
    • The Payee will receive an email that there is a payment being sent to them
    • They will add their banking information along with the keyword you set up
    • Payments to this person in the future will automatically happen when you choose to pay them
  • You can log into your CSB Online Banking account to pay a person by choosing the "Bill Pay" tab
  • Follow prompts to complete your Pay a Person Payment

Making Mobile Deposits

Make deposits into your checking or savings by using your camera enabled smart phone or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

It’s easy to do:

  • Log into your most recent version of the CSB Mobile Banking App
  • Tap the three bars icon next to my accounts
  • Select “Deposits”
  • Select “Deposit a check”
  • Endorse the back of the check by writing “For mobile deposit mm/dd/yyyy” and sign. The signature(s) needs to be those of the same names as whom the check is payable to.
  • Tap screen and take a photo of the front of the check
  • Repeat for the back of the check
  • Fill in the Check Amount field
  • Tap on the “Deposit to Account” to select your account
  • Click “Deposit”
  • A mobile deposit that is received, reviewed and approved before 7:00 p.m. CST on a bank business day, will be considered that day to be the day of your deposit. 

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Get the Text Mobile Banking Option 

Text banking is the quickest and easiest way to get balances and/or your account history. Enable your text mobile banking by logging into your Online Banking account. Don’t have one? Enroll here .

Once you have logged into your Online Banking account simply:

  • Select Options tab
  • Select Mobile Settings
  • Complete Text Mobile Settings

Once you have completed set up, add text 89549 in your contacts. To try it out, text “bal” to 89549 and you will receive your balances in seconds.

To un-enroll, either log into your Online Banking account and un-select the enroll option or you can text STOP to 89549.

Find an ATM with MoneyPass

Getting access to cash without a fee is easier than ever. Find the nearest MoneyPass ATM by clicking on link to MoneyPass locator website or downloading the Money Pass app here .


Mobile and Internet Banking Security

Your security is always of primary concern. Find out about mobile and internet banking security here .