Managing Your Cash Your Way

Save your business time and money with online cash management services from Citizens State Bank. Securely manage your daily operations including collections, disbursements, and other financial information.

Accounts Payable Services 

Secure Direct Deposit Payroll 

Cut costs and streamline your accounting with direct deposit of payroll. Eliminate paper checks and get easy file creation or upload through our Online Banking system. 

Electronic Wire Transfers 

Send secure, accurate and same-day outgoing domestic wire transfers directly from your office.

Online Bill Payment 

Keep all your bills organized in one convenient online location. You can pay bills quickly, securely and on-time without having to write a check. 

Account-to-Account Transfers 

Securely move funds between your Citizens State Bank accounts as a one-time transfer or as a recurring transfer. 

Accounts Receivable Services 

Move Money From Multiple Accounts 

Easily move money from accounts at other financial institutions directly to your Citizens State Bank accounts with our Cash Concentration option. 

Ongoing Electronic Payments 

Improve your funds availability and your revenue stream with on-time receipt of payments collected on an ongoing basis. 

Remote Deposit 

Improve your funds availability and increase onsite processing efficiency with electronic deposits made from your office. You’ll get same-day deposit processing until 7 p.m. We also offer Mobile Banking for small businesses. 

Merchant Services 

Increase your average ticket sales as well as total sales with credit card payment options. If you already accept cards, we may have a lower cost option available. Our trusted partner, Quantum Merchant Services can help. 

Reconciliation and Security 

Secure Account Log In 

Create multiple users with customized access and secure token access to your accounts and cash management functions. 


Get your statements electronically and securely while reducing paper waste.

Online Stop Payments 

Quickly enter stop payments for checks online and avoid the time spent contacting the bank. 

Transaction Downloads

View and download the previous business day transactions into Quicken or QuickBooks. 

Positive Pay 

Improve control and security and decrease the chances of fraud with Positive Pay, a quick and easy way to verify the validity of checks before funds are released.