SBA Loans

A Local Lender Making Local Decisions 

Todd Van Wambeke not only specializes in SBA loans but he is also a SBA Preferred Lender. This means you can expect faster turn-around times with our ability to make decisions locally. Todd can help you find the best loan for you and your business.   


Todd Van Wambeke

Vice President/SBA Division Manager

Text/Call: 715-377-7028

Main: 715-386-9050



Primary Benefit of Working with a Preferred SBA Lender

  • Time allocation between completing the SBA Application and Business Plan + Projections & an dedicated SBA staff to address any questions
  • Quick turn around time as Citizens State Bank is an U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA) Preferred Lender
  • As a preferred U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA) Preferred Lender we are allowed to approve in-house SBA loan requests. This means a quick turnaround on your loan requests once we have all the underwriting and SBA Application materials
  • Quick close time for meeting tight deadlines for closing expectations

SBA 7(a) Program

The SBA 7(a) Loan Program funds business start up costs, equipment, working capital, and real estate with loan amounts up to $5 million

This loan provides you with:

  • Expand or acquire a business
  • Low down payments of 10%
  • Professional Practice Financing (Chiropractors, Dentists, Optometrists, Veterinarians, & Financial Advisors)
  • Refinance existing debt
  • Equipment financing
  • Working Capital
  • Financing for building improvements and or  leasehold improvements
  • Purchase and or refinance of owner occupied real estate

An SBA 7(a) Loan can be used to establish a new business or acquire, operate or expand an existing business. The maximum SBA 7(a) guarantee is $3,750,000 with a maximum project size of $5,000,000 under the SBA 7(a) loan program

SBA 504 Program

This long-term loan can be used for the purchase of land or an existing property or building. Loan proceeds can be used to expand an existing property or building. In addition, the SBA 504 loan program allows for equipment financing to be financed up to the useful life of the asset of the equipment and in general up to 10 years. This financing involves two loans one from Citizens State Bank and one the other from a Certified Development Company (CDC).

The benefits of an SBA 504 Loan are:

  • Low down payments - as little as 10% *In certain cases for start-up or special purpose properties SBA may require up to 20%
  • Ability to obtain a 25-year fixed rate on the SBA  portion of the loan
  • The SBA 504 Program is generally comprised of the following ( 50% permanent bank financing, 40% SBA 2nd mortgage from the SBA and 10% borrower down payment)

An 504 loan can be used to help small businesses grow through land and building acquisitions, while also providing the necessary financing options for long term financing for equipment and machinery.   

The maximum SBA 504 debenture is $5,000,000

SBA Express 

You can get an accelerated lending process with an SBA Express Loan.

This loan offers you the following:

  • Streamlined application process of up to $350,000
  • Provides working capital lines of credit for manufacturing, wholesale services and retails businesses. May be used for to help finance inventory, accounts receivable and factoring needs

The SBA Express Loan is an excellent choice for your working capital needs. What makes this loan even better is the line of credit is easy to use and offers favorable terms to use the line of credit for up to 60-months with a term out feature for the last 60-months, if needed.