E-Banking Made Easy

Online Banking (desktop version)

Online Banking allows you to check your account balance, transfer funds, see which payments and deposits have cleared, manage debit/ATM cards, etc.  It is also the portal for setting up Bill Pay.

Set up Log-in Credentials:

  1. You currently are on our website www.csbnet.net Select  Enroll
  2. Complete set up (SSN/EIN- Account Number-Email- Cell Phone#)
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose how you want to receive your verification code (text, phone call- you must answer the phone, the code is voice activated – if you have an authenticator app, it may default to that, you can select send another way to change it)
  5. Enter verification code and if you do not want to receive a code each time you can select the box indicating “Do not ask again” – this is based on browsers not computers (i.e.: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge)
  6. Click on Verify
  7. Accept User Agreement (Terms and Conditions)
  8. Create User ID and Password

□ Mobile Banking (use our App)

Do your banking through your smart phone. Mobile Banking allows you to see your account balance, do transfers, pay person or bills, do mobile deposits, and manage debit/ATM cards and so much more.  You can also find  branch and ATM locations near you.

Set up Log-in Credentials:

  1. Download the CSB iBank app from either the Apple App store or Google Play store.
  3. Complete set up (SSN/EIN- Account Number-Email- Cell Phone#)
  4. Click Next
  5. You will receive a text with a verification code -enter verification code and click Verify (If you choose “choose another way” you are able to choose phone call. You must answer the phone, the code is voice activated or use the Authy App - which is an authentication app - if you have this type of app - the verification may default to this)
  6. Accept User Agreement (Terms and Conditions)
  7. Create User ID and Password – you will want to remember your password. You may need it for some of the features within the mobile App – especially if you are going to set up “Payees” on bill payment.
  8. Create a 4-digit passcode. (enter it twice)
  9. You will be able to add a biometric feature; such as fingerprint as well, if your phone allows this feature.
  10. Once logged in a Tutorial appears, you are able to skip.


EStatements allow you to receive your monthly bank statements electronically.  EStatement users will receive an e-mail notifying you when your statements are available online or via mobile App.  You will not receive a paper statement when choosing EStatements.

Sign up:

  1. Using your Log-in Credentials for Online/Mobile Banking to get to your dashboard. (Main screen)
  2. Select your primary account
  3. Select Documents
  4. Enrollment Page will appear with a list of items to review and complete
    1. #2 allows you to update your email address for statement notifications
    2. #3 enter a security phrase that will identify this email to you as a legitimate email from CSB as notice for statement
    3. #4 you must choose “click here” to get the phrase that will need to enter. This ensures you will be able to open your statements.
    4. #5 agree to the listed Terms and Conditions
  5. Select Enroll Now
  6. You will now receive e-mail notices that your statements are available.

□ Mobile Deposit

Deposit your checks online. Approved deposits prior to 7 pm are posted as same day deposits.

Sign up:

  1. Using your Log-in Credentials for Online/Mobile Banking to get to your dashboard. (Main screen)
  2. Choose Deposit
  3. Select Enroll
  4. Enrollment Submitted – once approved your will receive a notification – Select OK

□ Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows you to pay bills, review payment history and pending bill payments.

Sign up:

  1. Using your Log-in Credentials for Online/Mobile Banking to get to your dashboard. (Main screen)
  2. Select Payments/Manage Payments (online) Select Pay (mobile) – You will need your original password
  3. Read and Accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Submit
  5. Welcome to Bill Pay
  6. Add payee (using online browser)
      1. Pay a company – retrieve information off of the bill you are paying
      2. Pay a person
        1. Email or Text message (Electronic) Enter person’s name, phone number, email address and shared keyword. The keyword is what you will give the person you are paying in order for them to complete the payment process on their end.
        2. Direct Deposit (Electronic) Use this when moving funds into another bank account owned by you, you input the bank name, routing number and your account number of the account you are sending funds to.
        3. Check

  1. Add payee (using mobile app)
  2. You add additional payees from your dashboard – select Pay, then the plus (+) symbol
  3. You will need to enter your online banking password to add a payee.
  4. Follow Add Payee instructions under #6 above 
More Options – this gives you a variety of additional choices for your payment
    1. Frequency – you are able to set up recurring payments
    2. Sends – you are able to send now with expedited service (additional charges will apply) or schedule a date for a future payment
    3. Notes – add any notes – check memo and/or comments

We are here to help!

To get support while in Online Banking Start or on the Mobile App you can start a Conversation/Message from your dashboard or by selecting support. This option is secure. You are even able to attach files, transactions, accounts and payments that you may have a question on.