Mobile FAQ

What browser do I have to use to view my online banking?
You can use Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.
Microsoft Internet Explorer may work, however it is not a supported browser.
What App do I download?
To download  App go to your Google Play or App Store look for CSB iBank.
How do I log out of the mobile app?
You do not have too! You are prompted to enter your password, pin or Biometric (fingerprint, or face ID) to log in every time.
How often does my password expire?
Your password will not expire. The password requirements are 15-25 characters long,  must be alpha (letter)  numeric (number). No spaces are allowed, many have made it be a phrase or a sentence that will be easier for them to recall. 
What if I forget my password?
  • Click on FORGOT, you will be directed to an account recovery screen where you will need to input your social security number (EIN/ITIN), and your primary account number.
  • The Next button will be disabled until the fields are filled in.
  • The next screen will allow you to create a new password and click update. If you receive an error message “Sorry we could not find you,”  means either your SSN/EIN/ITIN or your account number may not be correct. Please call your local branch for a password reset. If your account has been locked out (too many attempts), contact us to reset your password.
  • If you have had a failed password attempt 15 times or more, you must contact your local CSB to have the password reset. The FORGOT password will not work due to security identification settings.
Do I have to enter my password every time I log into my mobile app?
No, you can set up a 4-digit pin, Touch Id or Face ID (depending what your phone allows) to log into your mobile app.
How do I get the app on my tablet?
Depending on the device, you can download the app from Google Play or App Store. Look for CSB iBank.  To get the best results use the CSB iBank App on your tablets.  
What is 2-factor authentication (2fa)?
2-factor authentication (2fa) adds another layer of security to your account for security.  You will receive a verification code via text or phone call (phone number will not be CSB’s # and you must say hello since the service is voice activated). Once you enter the verification code, you will have full access to your online banking. Some browsers will require a security code at every log in. (i.e. Safari)
What if I get a new phone number? How will I log in?
Contact your local CSB office to update your records.
How do I view my E-statements?
Click on any of your accounts, and then select Documents to the left. You will need to complete the enrollment form or if you have already enrolled you can find the statement by clicking on the arrow next to the "red" account name. This will give you a drop down to select your account.  A "No statements found" message means the account is tied to another statement or you have not selected E-statements for this account. E-Statements are online for a rolling 18 month period and it starts from the 1st statement cut after you have enrolled.
What type of alerts can I receive?
  • Balance Alerts: Set an alert to notify you when your account balance is above or below a certain dollar amount.
  • Transaction Alerts: Set an alert to notify you when a credit or debit is over a specific dollar amount. Verify phone number for text alerts. If the alert is not your cell phone number, you will need to go into your profile and edit the home phone number to reflect your cell phone number.
How do I give my account a nickname?
Click on the account you want you rename, then click on Settings, click on RENAME, then Save
How do I change my username?
Click on Settings, then click on Security, click on edit next to Change Username (if on mobile device enter your
password), change name, and then click Save.
Do I have to call the bank if I have a question?
You can call or you can start a conversation (secure chat) during regular business hours via your online banking and
mobile app. We will respond as promptly as we can to your inquiry.
Can I change the boxes (the order/add or delete) on my dashboard in my mobile app and online banking?
Yes, you can! When in the app simply scroll down to organize dashboard, then drag and drop to reorder the boxes (also known as cards). You can also change the view of the boxes to include more or less information, as well as remove boxes you do not want on your dashboard. When online simply click on the three small dots in any of the boxes on your dashboard and choose to organize dashboard. This will allow you to drag and drop to reorder the boxes (also known as cards).
Can I change the order of my accounts?
Yes, you can! When in the app look for two small arrows within the Accounts box, click on the arrows and this will allow you to drag and drop to rearrange your account order. When in online banking, click on the three small dots in the accounts box and choose organize accounts.
Why are all of my account transactions listed together for different accounts?
To save you time and view activity in all of your accounts, all transactions are available in one location. You can view
transactions for individual accounts by clicking on a specific account. If you do not like this information, you can remove this box (aka card) from your dashboard. See Can I change the boxes for instructions.
How do I turn my debit card on and off?
  • Simply click the green toggle button to shut off your card and click it again to turn it on.
  • You can also report your card lost or stolen by clicking on the card that was lost or stolen and select the Report lost/stolen option. Once you report a card lost or stolen, this card will no longer be able to be used going forward. A new card number will be re-ordered.
How do I add an additional account to pay bills from on Bill Pay? 
  • You must use a browser session to add an additional account for bill pay.
  • Once logged in go to "Manage Payments" 
  • Choose My Account
  • In the box labeled Pay from Account - select the add a new account
  • Enter your CSB account information - select next
  • Review your account and submit
  • The added account will be reviewed and approved if eligible within 24 hours
How do I transfer funds to my CSB account from another financial institution?
  • Online, click on Move Money, then Transfers, then click on the plus (+) sign, External account.
  • In the Mobile App, click on the plus (+) sign on the Accounts box (aka card) to add an account, click set up external transfer, and enter your online banking password.
  • Enter the name of the account, routing number, account number and the type of account, then click submit.
  • Two small deposits will post to the external account. When you see those deposits in your external account, verify the amounts Online or in the Mobile App and you can start to transfer funds.
  • There may be a fee to transfer funds from your CSB account to another financial institution.
How do I set up a Pay a Person? 
  • You must first have Bill Pay. Bill Pay can be set up in a browser version of online banking, the App does not allow first time enrollment. 
  • Once Bill Pay is set up 
  • Select "Pay a Bill"
  • Add payees Online or the App, in the App you will need to input your Password
  • Set up the person you wish to pay - you will need the following information for this person:
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Shared keyword - A keyword is known only to you and the payee. It can be anything you choose. You will need to communicate the keyword to the payee. We strongly encourage you to do so via telephone, rather than an unsecure email or text.
  • Submit
  • You will choose the Payee, enter the amount you wish to send them. More options allows you to adjust the frequency, date sent and to add notes (these notes are only visible to you)
  • Submit
  • The person you are sending money will receive an email. They will click on the secure link, complete their banking information and the keyword. The first transaction set up will require the keyword.
  • You will receive an email when they have completed their end of the transaction. They only have 72 hours to click on the link to enter their information. 
What is the Connect an Institution for?
If you have accounts at another financial institution within the database, you will be able to connect your online banking account. Not all banks are available for this feature. We do not determine the available banks, this is a database built beyond our control.
Can I view details about my loan?
Click on the loan to view payment amount, due date, estimated payoff, original loan amount, origination date, maturity date, term and rate.

For additional information, please contact your local CSB branch or 715-386-9050, email or message us through the online  banking portal.